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EUDARTS-GROUP is located in 28 and active in 63 countries of the world within the discipline "Forensic Automotive Information Technology". EUDARTS provides EDR / DSSAD support, advice, and training for police forces, insurers, OEMs, T-suppliers and governments on the EDR / DSSAD technology.


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PRO-Centrum, International provides driver education and emergency training courses for Police, Ambulance Services, Fire Services, and other Government departments. Violence- and Risk Management programs are other pieces of training provided at the training facility in Best / The Netherlands. PRO-Spike is one of the products offered to governments (police and military)


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LM & Partners offers a broad spectrum of specialized investigation (detective) services, is active in the entire Caribbean Region and beyond, and has many years of detective experience. The company works discreet and mainly with ex-police officials, while utilizes the latest investigation tactics and techniques.



SECUPRO is specialized in covert entry, covert drilling, surveillance and project based training.For clients with a need for solutions to defeat electronic locks, hotel access and alarm defeat systems. Secupro provide professional and unique training and equipment for Technical Support Units and Operational Operatives Worldwide.


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Q6 CYBER (E-CRIME INTELLIGENCE) monitors the Digital Underground - a vast universe of online sites, marketplaces, communities, and forums where hackers, fraudsters, and cybercriminals operate and interact. Their 24x7 coverage includes not only the DarkWeb and DeepWeb, but also malware networks, botnets, and other cybercrime infrastructure and private messaging platforms. 



Sovereign Global has become the first European based Group acting as a program integrator and trusted partner to governments, supporting them in professionalizing, projecting and maintaining their sovereignty with civilians as well as military programs.The Group has a proven track record in providing strategic planning, assistance, training, logistics, equipment, and operational maintenance to generate innovative, mission-specific, turnkey defense, security and capacity building programs.



SFS: Training: there are many, diverse companies that offer differentiated and fragmented security solutions that create a false sense of security. SFS – Security Facility Services is the ‘glue’ that analyses from a holistic approach, develop a plan of action and manages all parties involved. If a problem should arise, the damage will be contained by the measures taken.



DataWalk is a next-generation analytical platform for revealing patterns, relationships, and anomalies for large-scale, multi-source intelligence operations and data analysis. Using a massively scalable big-data engine, combined with user-friendly visual interfaces, DataWalk eliminates the restrictions of data silos, allowing agencies and Enterprises to rapidly import and blend data from multiple sources. 



RMA Automotive is a major global manufacturer and supplier of modified special vehicles, accessories, parts, after sales service and training. RMA Automotive offers pre-engineered special vehicle solutions that can answer your needs effectively or serve as the basis for further modified vehicles customized to your specifications. 



Omnirisk is an all-round and multidisciplinary safety advice agency. Based on the methodology of proactive safety, Omnirisk provide customized services and products, including interactive education and training, to achieve and maintain the desired and necessary level of safety. The scope of possibilities is large and is always focused on helping you. 



FALCON SYSTEMS is dedicated to offering solutions to Governmental Agencies, Law Enforcement, Security and Military Agencies throughout the world. FALCON SYSTEM is an international supplier of state of the art specific surveillance and monitoring solutions and specialist bespoke consultancy services with sales and support offices across Middle East, Asia and Europe.



Preventing and reducing crime by smart and innovative methods. SFI helps you to identify the crime problem(s), give you a solid advice and help you to implement solutions by training or interim management. SFI is specialized in combating High Impact Crimes (burglaries, car theft, robberies, etcetera), Multi cultural Law Enforcement, dealing with Youth Gangs and much more.


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PANDORA Intelligence provides Predictive Analysis. Their Artificial Intelligence and deep-learning algorithms allow analysts and business managers to turn big data into probable and meaningful (future) scenarios.



Since 1984, SABELCO has specialized in importing and distributing electronic security equipment. The company started their activities in the field of intrusion detection (alarm systems) and in 2004 the developed by also offering customers video surveillance products (CCTV).


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The FALCON Chain BV works together with trustworthy national and international partners on capacity building and has partnerships with the private sector.


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